Frequently Asked Questions


If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. Do you have to be an RPS Member to enter?
A. No, this competition is open to both RPS members and non-members.

Q. Is there an entry fee?
A. No, the competition is free to enter.

Q. Do I need to register for the International Images for Science competition?
A. Yes, everyone to be able to submit images needs to register.

Q. Can I upload my images from my iPad/ tablet smart phone?
A. You can interact with the competition site using these devices but you will need to upload your images from a computer.

Q. How do I enter my images?
A. Register to create a competition account- enter your email address, name and country. If you hold any RPS distinctions please add them after your surname when you register. Once activated, click the email sent to you, and you are ready to upload your images!

Q. I am not great with computers, how does the login process work, step by step?
1. Register your details. You will create your own username and password. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click ‘Submit’.
2. Go to your own email account. Click the new activation email from The RPS to activate your account. Please check your junk email box if you cannot find the email.
3. Login using the information you have just submitted.
4. Add your images.
5. Title your images.
6. Add a description.
7. Click Enter Competition and save info after every change or image added.
8. View your uploaded images in the All Images section of the website.

Q. Do my images have to be taken within the time frame of the competition?
A. No, your images can be taken at any time.

Q. Can I submit images taken from film?
A. Yes, definitely. Images can be acquired digitally or scanned from film to create a digital file.

Q. Are there any categories for this competition?
A. There are three age categories: Aged 17 and Under. Aged 18 – 25. Aged 26 and Over. This refers to the age you will be on the call for entries closing date, Sunday 1st May 2016. There are no categories for different scientific fields; the competition supports images from all scientific disciplines.

Q. I cannot login…
A. Have you registered to enter the competition? You can register for the competition here (login details are case sensitive). If you have registered, please use the HELP facility to reset your password/ username.
If you have recently registered and your email address is not recognised- please check that you have activated your account by clicking the link sent to your email inbox.

Q. I haven’t received my activation email…
A. Please log into your email account and double check your spam or junk folder. Emails may take a short time to appear and will expire after 24 hours. If you are still having difficulty please contact

Q. Why are my images not uploading/ what size should they be?
A. If you are having trouble please check that all images are in JPEG format, under 5MB each and in sRGB colour space - maximum of 2500 pixels on the longest side.

Q. Why isn’t my picture displaying?
A. Double check that you’ve ticked 'Enter Competition' beside your image and clicked 'Save'. Your images can then be viewed on the 'All Entries' page.

Q. What happens if I am selected?
A. The 100 selected photographers will have two versions of their image printed by the RPS for the touring exhibition. Photographers will be asked to provide a high resolution 300 dpi JPEG or TIFF file for printing and for publicity of the exhibition. Details on how to send the file will be provided by email.

Q. I have forgotten my username/ password?
A. You can reset this yourself under ‘Help’ here, and write down your new details.

Q. Can I upload multiple images at the same time?
A. Yes, if you use a PC, Hold Ctrl and select the images you want to upload; if you’re a Mac user hold the Command (cmd) Key. This will save you from having to upload them individually.

Q. Are my photographs protected? Should I watermark my images?
A. Your pictures are protected; you do not need to watermark them. As the photographer, you retain copyright and no-one can copy or use your images without your permission. Please note that the RPS and Headline Sponsor may use your images for the purpose of promoting the competition, exhibition, and The Society and will always credit your work, as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Please do not watermark your images as they must be anonymous for the selection process.

Q. Do the judges see photographer’s names when viewing images?
A. No, the images are judged anonymously. The initial selection is done on the web site, the judges can only see the image, title and description. Final selection is done on a large screen at RPS headquarters.

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